Monday, May 4, 2009

Notes from RLRR Metro Support Team meeting

Lynn reported on the Pet Expo. RLRR received $245 in donations and $375 from the sale of totes, potholders, and dog bones.

DeeDee reported that 106 animals were altered at the AHS clinic at Rosie’s along with two emergency surgeries. Twenty-seven animals were surrendered or brought in as strays. Heartworm-positive dogs continue to be an expensive problem.

Colleen’s Cheyenne River trip was postponed.

We discussed the need for volunteers for the May Clinic (May 28-30). Since this is a larger clinic, we will need about 3-4 volunteers a day to support it. Clean-up day (Sunday), especially, requires a lot of work. We need food donations, as well. We will be feeding roughly 22 people daily.

The foster/adoption network has been very busy with applications for puppies. Almost all of the puppies that we have taken in to our RLRR network have been adopted or are in process.

We need volunteers who are willing to do home visits to ensure that the puppies are going to appropriate environments.

We need more foster homes, too. Right now, we have four.

Liz spoke about the possibility of doing adoption days at Chuck and Don’s in Elk River.

We discussed fundraising options such as a dinner/auction. There was discussion about having a garage sale at the end of summer or early Fall.

We will need a transport in about two weeks.

The next meeting will be in June.

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