Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Puppy-pleasing placement

RLRR placement update:

Tehya is doing great! She's such a sweet girl. We've been keeping her REALLY active. She loves playing soccer with the girls and going on walks. She's doing really good on her leash. When she's tired, she'll sit right down and doesn't budge. That means we need to carry her. We don't mind, although we tease her and call her our big baby!

She's slowly making frenemies with Eddie, our cat. Eddie would rather not have to deal with her, but they've come within sniffing distance of each other, so that's progress!
She's very interested in all the motorcycles we heard this past nice weekend and also all the birds in the yard. The rabbits have all fled, but the droppings they left under our camper are a favorite "treat" for Tehya. Yuck! We've decided not to let her wander around that side of the garage anymore.

Week two will bring her first "official" vet visit on Thursday and also her first soccer game tonight.

Thanks again for choosing us to adopt this special girl!

J&J, H&T

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