Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy happenstance!

We had a transport Saturday, May 2nd. I had tried to place 3 very nice and fully vetted cats at Tricounty including Phyllis, Snowball and Baily, however, did not get a voicemail from Adam authorizing it until the transport was gone.
SNOWBALLMuch to my surprise there was a message on my voicemail on Sunday morning. Jane, a supporter of RLRR from the metro, was in Bemidji attending the wedding of a vet tech who works at the Clearwater Vet Services, one of our favorite vet clinics. Well, the vet tech just happened to know our phone number and Jane called and offered to transport any animals that needed a ride!
BAILYI met Jane in Clearbrook and the 3 cats went to Tricounty. I think it was so cool how everything "just happened" to work out so well.
PHYLLISThank you, Jane.
Sincerely, Karen

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