Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun fundraiser at the Mall of America


We have an opportunity to make some money for RLRR by volunteering our time at the Mall of America Nickelodean Universe Park. I have attached two sheets that explain what the volunteering includes and also some standards for volunteers. Basically, volunteers will be working in the Nickelodeon Universe Park and helping with loading/unloading people on/off rides, helping with concessions, or helping stock in the retail store in the park. A volunteer must work an entire shift from 11-7pm in order to get the money for volunteering. Each volunteer can raise $50/day and we can have up to 10 volunteers, so if we get 10 people each day, we can make $500/day!

I have scheduled 3 dates through out the summer for us to volunteer. If we can get 10people each day, we'll make $1,500 for RLRR!! Here are the dates:

Saturday, June 20 (11-7pm)
Saturday, July 25 (11-7pm)
Saturday, August 22 (11-7pm)

Please let me know if you can volunteer any of these dates. If you know anyone who might be interested, please pass this message along, as well. I would really like to raise the full $1,500, so let's try to get 10 people each day!! If you have any questions, please let me know. Otherwise, let me know if you can volunteer!

Thanks! Volunteers get a free ride at the end of their shift, too! Woohoo!


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