Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lucy, Linus & Charlie Brown (the cats!)

Once upon a time at Red Lake during a clinic last summer, a tiny kitten was found and turned in all by himself.We didn't know what we would do with him until a mother cat was brought in who had been nursing, but her kittens were gone. Would she take care of the new little guy?Of course, she did! We called the big tough-looking momma, Lucy, and the baby, Linus. Lucy had enough milk and enough love for multiple kittens, so Linus was soon as fat and spoiled as can be.Then one day another tiny kitten came to their foster home who needed a Mom. Lucy thought about it for half a day, but soon decided that two sons would be just fine. So, little Charlie Brown joined the family. Linus loved having a brother, but like most little brothers, Charlie couldn't keep up at first.Then another miracle happened for this little family, a wonderful adoptive family decided to adopt them all together and they are all living happily ever after! Check out the latest update:
The kitties are just wonderful! We love them so!
Lucy is her usual sweet self. She does seem to be a tad more playful and kittenish in spurts as the boys are growing up. And she's just so well behaved! Never scratching anything but the scratching posts, waiting patiently to be petted, etc.
She seems to have a particular affinity for Sam, our 8 year old. She seeks him out when he's reading or playing, then just rolls on her back and stretches out so he can rub her tummy. He loves it!
Charlie is now bigger (taller and longer, not bigger around) than Lucy and certainly than Linus. He still has a kittenish feel to his body, though, so it makes me wonder how big he's going to be when he's all done growing. He's such a happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic spaz of a kitty! His nails seem to grow the fastest and he has the biggest affinity for clawing stuff he's not supposed to. We're working on it! Oh - Charlie also has turned out to be the best mouser. He has killed two mice in our house and I'm happy to report that I think he's solved the mouse issue! (He was SOOOO proud of himself!)
Linus still seems to be the most thoughtful. And I think he's really smart. He such a calmly loving guy -- he waits 'til the hubbub dies down, then comes and sits in my lap or lays on my legs if I'm sleeping. He spends quite a bit of time curled up with either Charlie or Lucy and grooming them.Here are some pictures of our crew. By the way, Lucy is indeed getting a little friskier as the boys get a bit older. Fun to watch her play with toys!
Oh -- and Lucy really did that purple boa all by herself (after Charlie found it in the kids' dress up clothes and dragged it up from the basement). Definite photo op!



Susan said...

What a wonderful happy ending story - thanks so much for sharing and for giving these sweet babies such a wonderful, loving forever home!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story....thank
you for the continued updates!!!

rilera said...

I love this story. The photos are wonderful.


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