Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Days for Shay!

I wanted to update everyone on Shay, who is now known as Dahlia.

Little Shay was rescued in Redby the same day we found Honey. This poor little girl was a bag of bones with skin lesions from her demodectic mange which ravaged her little body. She had survived the winter by eating her dead littermates according to the young girl who surrendered her to us.She was so very frightened at first we could not touch her, and gradually in less than a week she began to emerge out of her shell and started loving people!!

She was then taken to a foster home in Bemidji with Geri Wainscott for a period of time, and was visited by Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan and Carolyn May who took her to the "doggie wash". Dahlia then moved on to be fostered with Dee Dee in St. Paul.

SHAY AND CRYSTALOf course there she met other Red Lake dogs like Dove and Lily, both who have healed from mange using natural methods and special nutrition to build immune systems. Dahlia is responding to this treatment too.

A special thank you to all the people who made it possible for Shay to be rescued from a very hopeless situation and now has the opportunity to transform into the Dahlia butterfly she was always meant to be. Every one who supports RLRR and its mission can share in this joy and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Sincerely, Karen

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