Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweet news for Honey

Look at the "before" pictures in Honey's first blog post one month ago to fully appreciate the almost miraculous improvement in her condition.

I wanted to update everyone on Honey the mastiff-mix female, who was starving, and full of mange. Her hair was missing on her back. She had lymes and anaplasmosis which we treated. She also was going blind from entropia. Well--- she is doing great!! A special thank you to the wonderful people listed below who donated to her surgery.

Joan & Chris B.
Jody J.
Linda J.
Twyla H.
Honey was spayed, got all her shots, has been treated for mange, and has had TWO eye surgeries. Her left eye was totally cloudy and white when she arrived and her right eye was turning white indicating blindness. Well, the good news is that the vet says she is regainig eyesight on BOTH eyes!!! She has full growth of hair, has put on weight, and is very happy and active. Thank you so much for helping Honey.
She is headed to Animal Ark!

Sincerely, Karen


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic story.....Honey
will have a wonderful life thanks
to the many who pitched in to help
her out. Thank you Karen for this
rescue, and all others who helped
Honey get to the point she is now.
This is truly one of the most
heartwarming stories to come out of
RLRR. Thank you!

Joan said...

Honey looks so much better. Love your happy endings!

rilera said...

Thank your for this wonderful uplifting story about Honey. I'm so glad she is on her way to happiness. She has already been given health thanks to you.


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