Thursday, May 14, 2009

More about the April clinic

When Friday came, Karen and DeeDee had the complicated transport in place.
The sick and questionable cases, where the outcome for the animal wasn't yet clear, stayed with Karen at RLRR.

The wonderful dog pictured with me, Shay, went to DeeDee's, other cats and dogs went to metro area foster homes, Tri-County, Animal Ark, Angels of Hope and Second Chance, just to name a few of the places on my transport list.
DeeDee (who didn't get going home until Saturday) had a great many more places and animals on her list. Karen and DeeDee do such a magnificent job of coordinating and placing animals.

The animal problems of Red Lake continue to be extensive. Over-population, homelessness, starvation, heartworm, mange, neglect and abuse are observable, but not acceptable. That is why Karen's mission and the support of all of the Red Lake Rosie's supporters matters.

That is why when I drive out of the reservation I know I will return.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you, ALL, for your wonderful
work and dedication to RLRR. When
I read these updates I always get
tears in my eyes knowing what a
very special group of people are
helping Karen. You have provided
these animals with a second chance at a happy, stable home life.....
exactly what they need and deserve. Thank you over and over.


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