Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Unadoptable" dogs find forever homes

04/12/2009 - 8 "Unadoptable" Dogs at Animal Ark (including Kiki from Red Lake)

Those who have followed the blog should have been anticipating this picture. . . it has become a bit of a holiday tradition for us to post a holiday picture of all the dogs who show up to celebrate.

Today, we had an 8-dog Easter, with 8 of the best behaved "unadoptable" dogs ever.[Photo]I call them "unadoptable" because every dog in this picture would certainly have been deemed "unadoptable" at any of the traditional animal shelters in our area. In spite of that, all of them are happy, healthy, well-adjusted pets.This year's canine crew included: Shilo, Manny, Chester, Ben, Meghan, Chico, Tasha and Kiki.

In spite of there being 5 male dogs in this grouping, and there being a lot of food to compete over, everyone got along beautifully. Chico even got his ears cleaned out by Ben. There was just enough canine theft of Easter dinner to make the day extra fun for everyone.

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