Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life is looking up for Shay

As always, I want to thank the metro committee and our supporters and rescues who take RLRR animals with multiple problems. I have stories on two recent rescues, Shay (today) and Honey (tomorrow) each of whom will need some extra care in special foster homes.Shay came to RLRR on 3/4/09 starving and has demodex mange (not contagious- has to do with immune system, inherited). I was told by the people that she was starving and survived the winter by canibalizing her dead littermates -- poor thing. She was spayed on 3/17/09, and got parvo/distemper shot and she has been on ivermectin orally (to treat the mange) since 3/4/09. She had a topical treatment with Revolution on 3/5/09 for other parasites.
She is NEGATIVE for heartworm and POSITIVE for Lymes. She is currently on 300 mg of doxicyline for 21 days to treat the Lymes.

She is a very nice dog and just needs tender, loving care in a foster home willing to keep her long term, as her skin condition is going to take lots of time.
She is gaining weight rapidly. She is on puppy kibble and has a great appetite. She is very happy to be here where she has food and shelter. She weighs about 45 lbs. right now and has probably gained 10-15 lbs. in the last 15 days.

She is a great girl and really has suffered this past winter.

We want to say that because of the generosity of the supporters of RLRR we are able to help Honey, Shay and others like them.

Sincerely- Karen and RLRR

UPDATE: Shay has been placed in a foster home in Bemidji with a nice lady named G. I will keep you updated on her progress and get some pics next time I visit her.

Sincerely, Karen

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