Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Warrior/Walker goes home

Hi Karen
I wanted you to know that Walker (formerly Warrior) was adopted tonight. We will be updating our blog very soon with a picture of him and his new daddy. Thank you for saving his life. He is a wonderful dog and L. is very excited to have him. L. said it was a very LONG week waiting to be able to take him home today. Walker had his stitches taken out yesterday and while the wound is still open it is clean and no infection so it should heal nicely in time. The vet is astounded that there was no damage to tendons etc... and said the Walker is a VERY lucky dog. Please pass the word on to DeeDee and Mike and Sheila and thank them all for helping Walker.
All Dog Rescue
Friday, May 8, 2009
Walker goes to his forever home!

Well, April 16th Walker was attacked by three large dogs and left for dead. A host of angels (called volunteers at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, vet partners, foster parents and transport folks) rallied to get him back to good health. Thankfully those efforts paid off, and Walker went to his new forever home today. Lonnie met us at PetCo today to take Walker to his new home. Lonnie is extremely excited to get his new boy to his home and start enjoying his company. Walker got his stitches out yesterday and got a much needed bath. Now he smells fabulous and was ready to go live with Lonnie and have a new lease on life. We are so grateful to all the volunteers at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for taking Walker and staring him on the road to good health. We feel fortunate to have been able to have Walker with us at All Dog Rescue. We wish Walker and Lonnie all the best and a lifetime of happiness together. Here is a picture of them.


Anonymous said...

Please take good care of Warrior. My heart absolutely melted the first time I saw him in April. We have no room for a dog, but if we did he would have been the one. I follow this blog daily and am so inspired by all the rescues. Thank-you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Lonnie and his
beautiful pal Walker/Warrior.
Thank you for taking him into
your heart and your life.

Mike Wilson said...

Thank you everyone who helped with the boy and thank you Lonnie for adopting him. Warrior/Walker was a hard dog for Sarah and I to let go but we knew it would be best with the condition of his legs. I'm so happy he found a home that quick.

Sarah Good said...

I can't thank you enough for adopting Warrior. The hard life is behind him now and all he has to look forward to is your compassion and love. I've heard that animals with black fur have a harder time at getting adopted, so I am so glad that nothing held him back from getting a second chance at happiness. Thank you again and I wish you both the best!

Anonymous said...

Walker also has grandparents who take him for walks, and throw balls for him to chase, and take him out for ice cream. He's living quite the "cushy" life.


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