Monday, May 18, 2009

Charlie Brown the pup is doing well


5/2/09 Charlie Brown is coming to us from a rescue group in northern Minnesota. Please watch his web page for updates!

5/8/09 Charlie had a little set back with some digestive issues, but all is good now and he is eating well and actively playing with the other puppy at his foster home. Charlie is small and scrawny but he has a big tough attitude. He loves people! He likes to be outside and lie in the sun. He also likes to chew on bones and play tug with his puppy friend.

Charlie would be a great addition to a family with older children who had dog experience. Puppy class and basic obedience class will be a must for him. Are you the family that Charlie has been waiting for?

Please feel free to fill out an Application.

1 comment:

rilera said...

What an adorable little guy!


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