Friday, May 8, 2009

Kiki considers a triathalon

Kiki was a feral dog that was rescued with her littermate Niki. These poor girls had really no future and no appropriate placement. Thankfully they were able to go to Animal Ark after an animal clinic put on by their Neuter Commuter. Eventually Kiki was adopted by Mike.

Pics show Kiki at the shelter and now adopted. What a big difference!

For the dogs in my house, it would be great if all days could be like today.

We started the day off by getting a second bike for our dogs. During the spring, summer and fall, the canines in our house love to go biking. However, the humans in the house do not believe that biking with dogs on 2-wheeled bikes is responsible or safe. Since the bikes that are safe for dogs are pretty expensive, it has taken us a while to save up for a second bike.

Today, we went to the Edina Bike Shop and got our second "Zoomer". The zoomer is a 3-wheel bike - two wheels in the front and one in back. It is a design perfect for biking with dogs. We got our first Zoomer about a year ago. So, for the past year, the dogs at our house have had to go biking in shifts.Now that we have our second Zoomer, the whole family can go out biking together. What a treat! Tasha and Kiki can run along with the bikes. Chico (the Chihuahua) rides in a pouch on a lap. Photos of that will be posted soon!

We also set up Kiki's pool in the back yard today. Playing in the water is one of her other favorite things, next to biking. Here is a photo of her trying to grab the reflections of waves that move on the bottom of the pool. This is a pasttime she can do for hours!During the winter, none of these favorite pastimes are really possible. So we always look forward to spring when we can get out the bikes and the pool. Today was a perfect day with which to mark the start of the warm weather season!

I hope all of you got out to enjoy the fantastic weather!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Talk about Doggie Heaven here on
earth.......Kiki has the ideal
life style. Thank you for opening
up your heart and home to this
little sweetie....she deserves the
best....and it sounds like she has
it. Thank you!


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