Thursday, May 7, 2009

Parvo pups survive and thrive.

Here is an update on the Easter transport. We sent out 34 pups and 3 adult dogs on that transport.

We were very nervous when we got an email stating that two pups that had arrived at Animal Ark and were tested positive for parvo. Needless to say we were concerned about all the puppies on that transport that day.

The good news is that NONE other pups got ill and that T-Jack and T-Juan both recuperated under the great care of Animal Ark and their foster homes.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

04/17/2009 - Greetings from Parvo Land!
Posted From Animal Ark Shelter - Minnesota
Posted by Mary S

On April 12th there was a transport of puppies from Red Lake to the Twin Cities area. One of our volunteers met the transport to pick up two pups to come to Animal Ark. Because it was Easter, the shelter was closed and our very generous volunteer took them home for the evening until she could bring them to the shelter.

Unfortunately, we noticed that one of our pups wasn't feeling very well so we tested him for the Parvo virus and it came up positive. At Animal Ark we treat dogs with Parvo and we've had really good "luck" in our survival rate. This time was no different & we're so happy they are running around, jumping on us, "mouthing" us, and playing like normal puppies again!

We wanted to share the good news - soon they will be out of isolation and back on the adoption floor and ready to find new homes.

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