Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Louie, Montana & Sonoma

Attached are pics of Louie, Montana and Sanoma. All Red Lake dogs now with Pet Haven.

LOUIE has 3 legs.
SONOMA was chained all her life and all the hair was gone from her neck.
They have a great life now and prospects for adoption.

MONTANAThank you Pet Haven.

Karen :)

BREAKING NEWS FROM PET HAVEN DOG BLOG: "Montana went home with his new family this weekend. He has a couple of kids to keep him busy in his new home."

ALSO: Hi Karen,

I met Sonoma last night while in class with one of my rescued dogs.
She was so sweet and beautiful. It's a beginner obedience class and her foster mom, K, brought her.

The minute I saw her, I thought: Boy, does she remind me of the wonderful Red Lake Dogs.

She was taken by Pet Haven to the cities. Is that one of your dogs? If so, she has a good world in front of her.

Your friend, M.

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