Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Keesha is blossoming with the spring


04/24/2009 - Update regarding Keesha
Posted From Animal Ark Shelter - Minnesota
Posted by Mary S.

Today we received an adoption update about one of our Red Lake puppies, and here is what they said:We adopted 'Keesha' in October of 2008. We have since renamed her Bela. She is the queen of the family and is adapting well to the new surroundings. She chases two of the cats all around the house, and thinks that when the third one is hissing at her, it means she is trying to play.

Bela was listed as a german shepherd and husky mix, and though she looks like a german shepherd, her husky definitely shines through, too. She LOVES to go for walks and runs with us - and could go much further than her mommies can. She also loves the dog park, though you will not find Bela chasing balls - she is more interested in chasing the dogs that are chasing the balls.

We have had her in obedience classes, and she has learned to sit and stay and lay down and shake and she is such a GOOD puppy. Quite a lover, and just wants everyone to pet her. And pet her. And pet her. And could you pet her some more please?

She is growing like a weed and was 52 lbs when we took her in to the vet to get weighed at about 7 months. We are looking forward to this summer and taking her to the lake. We are hoping that she likes the boat and the water.

We cannot imagine our lives without her. Thank you!

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