Saturday, August 7, 2010

Updates on Penny and her pups

Remember poor Penny and her pups when they were rescued?

Penny is back at our home to be fostered :) Matt is so happy to have her back!
JuneBug isn't real keen on her going near her puppies--but Penny REALLY wants to take care of them! I think as time goes by JB will let her in :)

She did not do well at the foster home she was put in until she could be spayed. It was a very urban area with lots of traffic and activities. She seems to better in a rural situation. Here are some pictures I took today.

Matt just came in the house---we have JB in the house and Penny is outside in the kennel playing with the pups! She is so special!!!


Penny has gone to her new home. Very nice couple with two children in college. Their last dog was shy and so they are ok with Penny's shyness--After highlighting all her good and bad points--I asked them to think about it for 24 hours and let me know---they called 3 hours later and said they really wanted her :)


Hello Adopters!
R&M, who were the first family to adopt one of Penny's babies, have requested I share their email address with all the other families who have adopted from this litter. Many people do this and have kept in contact for many years. Some wonderful friendships have also developed from it. These families share pictures, and solutions to puppies raising problems--which is always nice!!! And it is a lot of fun to see your pet's brothers and sisters grow up!

Thank you all once again for adopting a rescued pet!!!

Kona is doing really well. She's currently on a family vacation with us to northern Michigan and loved the car rides and new doggy friends she is making.

THALIA/KONAShe is adapting to things really well and really enjoying being a puppy :)

Zelda is doing great. We did not change her name since we thought it already was the perfect name. We have been meaning to send you pictures as she has already grown so much. She is now over 21 pounds, but she is still so skinny. She could end up the size of a horse the way she is growing.

ZELDAWe are in our fifth week of puppy training and she knows her name and has mastered sit, down, come, and we are getting pretty good with drop it though she really loves to put everything in her mouth. She loves all toys, especially the ones that squeak. I think she misses playing with Bea Arthur and the others.
ZELDAShe plays with a Husky in puppy class, but she is so big and rambunctious that the trainers don't let her play with the other dogs yet. She isn't aggressive like some of the other dogs, but her energy and strength are difficult to match. There are over 20 dogs about the same age or older than her, but she outweighs all of them by more than five pounds. I've attached two pictures from a couple of weeks ago, but we'll send more when we get the more recent ones uploaded.


We have had a good week getting to know Denali Houdini Hoover Crybaby Kliminski (aka Zoe). Attached is a picture of her laying in the hostas. It is a cool and shady spot to watch the girls when outside. She also can be found on the tile in front of one of the fireplaces when inside. Definitely a hot blooded girl!

Made our first trip to the vet Wednesday. She does great riding in the car and went to both of the girls' summer school classes. She was on her best behavior and charmed everyone!

We would be happy to stay in touch with the other puppy families to share triumphs and tragedies. Thanks for helping us make the connection and for giving our little girl a good start!


NATASHA (NOW ZOE -- So that makes two Zoe's in this litter! Susie)
Everything is going great. Zoe (new name) is doing really well in the crate, hasn't had one accident in there yet. Has had a couple accidents in the house but she's learning pretty quick. She is getting pretty good at quite a few commands. She can now do sit, stay, lay down, shake (BOTH hands), and she kind of understands roll over. Come is hard though, she is far too brave at this point and would much rather explore.

We went to the vet on Monday and she is now 24.4 lbs. Which is crazy compared to the 14 lbs she was when I took her in for a physical in June. We've also visited a few dog parks with her friend Gordy (my best friend's springer spaniel) and she loves it. There's one by Stoughton that has like 3 places for the dogs to go swimming too. It's great. Anyway, I'll keep you posted and try and get you a couple pictures. My computer died so it might be awhile. Hope summer is going great. :)


LUKEWe have adopted Luke. He was the very mellow and laid back boy of the litter. While he is fairly mellow, he's certainly having a wonderful time teasing and playing with our older dog Rozee (a 4 yr old German Shepherd mix) who was also adopted from ARVSS and is from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.
LUKEWe would be happy to keep in contact or get together with anyone else with puppies from the litter. I've attached a couple of recent pictures.


I'm sending you this picture of Nico taken tonight... He's rapidly becoming used to the kids and our house. We were a little uncertain as to how the kids might interact with a dog, since they both seemed a bit scared of dogs before Nico came along. Tonight Lance (pictured) requested that Nico's crate be placed in his room next to his bed!

NICONico seems to be adapting well and is sleeping through the night (O.K., 11:00 to 5:00... close enough!) Still a bit nippy, but I think he's catching on. We'll be doing obedience class when things settle down a bit here. Nico has enjoyed exploring our backyard, chasing ants, picking up sticks, etc.

Thanks again!

J~ left for Seattle yesterday afternoon so Chloe and I are having a girls-only 4-day slumber party. What fun! :o) She's such a wonderful dog - so sweet and so smart! Things are going well and I just wanted to thank you for what you did for her and her mom/litter mates and the way you've been there for us with questions/validation. You're lovely! I'll let you know if I need anything

Much thanks -

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