Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Transport July 31: Kitten exodus

TABBYConnie and her husband Rick met Karen in Bemidji on Saturday, July 31st with a mass exit of kittens from RLRR.

SOLOAs all the shelters and rescues know, this is the time of the year when we receive many calls regarding kittens despite all the females we have spayed.

FOUR SIAMESEThankfully, Tricounty came to the rescue and has found foster care for the 11 kittens that left yesterday.

ORIN & OREOWe also sent Sherman- a large lab and our dear Rachel to Act V.(more on Rachel to come)

RACHELThank you to the tansporters and to Tricoounty and Act V for taking the animals and giving them a chance for a forever home!



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Jo Tallchief said...

I almost can't look at these pics - it's like an alcoholic standing at the window of a liquor store - I want them all! :) I'm the animal hoarder version of what Jane Velez Mitchell calls "a dry alcoholic." I have 3 cats, which is my max load, but I definitely want more, plus dogs and puppies. I just have to keep myself in check, with the help of Karen. Thank you everyone for rescuing and transporting these sweethearts! :)


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