Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mike & Lauren's visit; Ginger's departure

SHADOWWe had a great time with Mike and Lauren on their most recent visit July 20 - 22. They took many of the great photos included in this post.

LAUREN & EMILYWe really got lots accomplished in the storage shed with more shelving units put up and more organization of the shed contents.

Mike and Lauren are great with all the animals and are motivators of rescues. We did get Bosley, Bronwyn, and LeRoy on Tuesday, July 20th when we made a trip to the west side of the reservation on a mission to help the dog with the large tumor on his leg.

SIAMESE-MIX KITTENSThe days started with morning chores taking care of the dogs and cats. Kongs and toys are a favorite as all the animals get their share of both when this couple is around.

They left with special needs cargo including

CEE CEECee Cee who went to All Dog Rescue;

LEROYLeroy to Act V; and

GINGERGinger to Second Hand Dogs.

Ginger had been at the shelter since the last RAVS clinic in August 2008. We expected her to spend her entire life here at the shelter, but when Patti visited she worked a little with Ginger and she felt confident that she could rehabilitate her and get her adopted to a real home.

HAZEL, GINGER, WINDBIRDGinger(center) is pictured with her friends Hazel and Windbird, two other permanent residents of RLRR.

GINGER & FRIENDWe will miss Ginger but wish her the very best.

Karen RLRR


Anonymous said...

Lauren and Mike.....thank you for
being great role models for so certainly are a great
inspiration! We appreciate the many hours of service on behalf of RLRR and the homeless animals. Thank you.

Bitchenostrophy said...

I remember Ginger. I have a handful of photos of her when I was there last October. She seemed very sweet but timid. Best of luck to Ginger and her new start!

Bitchenostrophy said...



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