Sunday, August 1, 2010

RLRR dogs at Pet Haven

Thursday, July 15, 2010

On Sunday we brought in 4 new dogs Chester, Beulah, Libby, and Scooby from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Thanks to Jenny for delivering these great dogs to us. No idea how you got so many animals in your car.

CHESTERChester is a 40lb lab mix. He is the perfect size for city dwellers and would love daily trips to the dog park. A lake to swim in would be on his dream list too. For the next week Chester will be playing with all the dogs at Auntie Ruth's.

BEULAHBeulah is a 30lb springer/hound mix. At least that is the mix we are guessing for now. Beulah is a shy girl that is slowly coming out of her shell. She will need a patient home where she can experience new things calmly and gain confidence.

LIBBYLibby is a 5 year old registered Sheltie. Her AKC name is Liberty Bloosum Carter. She is hanging out in a foster home with two other Shelties. This may be a quick foster failure situation here.

SCOOBYScooby is a 7 year old registered Sheltie. His AKC name is Prince Scooby III. He slipped out of his collar at the clinic and was found walking down 494. Welcome to the big city Scooby.

We will have more info on Petfinder soon. Most of these dogs will be making their debut on Saturday at our adoption events. Check our website for times and locations.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Pet Haven for all the Red Lake dogs you have helped rehome!! The shelties are to die for!!

Anonymous said...

The Shelties are already adopted. yay! Chester has a family interested in him too. And Beulah is charming the socks off of her new foster family. All is well.


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