Tuesday, August 31, 2010

140 spay/neuters in two days?! 78 animals transported in a week?!

SMOKEYWe had a very successful clinic at Redby on August 20-21, and did many neuter/spays. Although final tally is not in, we estimate 140 in the 2 days of clinic.

WHEATLYThank you to Jen Fitzer for a great job in coordination, the vets and support staff from Akin Vet Clinic and Animal Ark, and the many faithful hardworking volunteers who made it all possible.

SOPHIEAlso thank you to Joan Lawson and the Lawson Family Fund for making this and all clinics possible.

SONNYThank you to everyone who chipped in to pay for the Servicemaster cleaning of a new area we claimed for intake and sleeping rooms which made the clinic more secure.

ORIANNA & OLIVIAWe ran a shuttle to and from Ponemah to offer neuter/spay to that village which is a distance from Redby often prohibiting full participation in the past. We all concur it was a very rewarding and needed service and we hope to continue that each clinic. The Ponemah residents were very receptive and participated. They were happy to get the help and really wanted it.

MOONDANCE, MONA & MARISHAWe also had many surrenders, and many placements with all the metro rescues offering their usual help in getting our Red Lake animals a place to go after the dust settles from the busy clinic.

SEVEN SHEP PUPSOur count on placements on Sunday, August 22, was 53 which is amazing.

SURVIVORA special thank you to Dani and Fernando for helping us with the coordination of transports out.

LITTER OF FIVE KITTENSAnimals went to Animal Ark, Akin Hills, Second Hand Hounds, TLC, A Rotta Love, Cause for Paws, MARS, RLRR foster care, Act V, All Dog Rescue, Northwoods Humane Society, and Tricounty Humane Society.

MIRANDAWe are thankful to Akin and Ark for taking all the injured animals and offering to get them help.

Jo, Karen, Carol, Polly, & Kathy
Red Lake Rosie's Committee

Believe it or not- we have transferred 53 animals on Aug 22, 12 animals on August 26 and there is another transport, August 28 with 13 scheduled for a grand total of 78 in ONE WEEK.

CHARWe are hoping it starts to quiet down soon. It is bordering on insanity.

SAMMYI am so happy we have the great rescues out there to take the Red Lake animals and the metro support team which is invaluable in our effort.



Anonymous said...

What an incredible group of people
working on behalf of Karen and the
RLRR! It is difficult to find the right words to thank you all for your dedication and superb
loyalty to the homeless animals in
the Red Lake, Redby, and Ponemah
areas. We continue to be inspired by your hard work and we thank you
all so very much.

Jo Tallchief said...

I think it has evolved into insanity at this point. When I talked to Karen on 9/3, she mentioned the number "95" - I'm not sure if that was animals moved in one week or two. I hope things slow down soon and am grateful for all the work Karen, Carol and Polly do. These ladies are angels, along with our Metro support team. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!! ^_^


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