Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homeless mama dog & newborn pups rescued

Last Monday, Polly and I took a ride on an adventure to find a homeless mama and a newborn litter of pups. We had received a call from the Barton's project area that there was a dog in need there.

We found her in a heap of logs and brush where she had made a den for the little babies. A young girl in the neighborhood took us to the little family and we were successful in getting her.

The mama was full of ticks and very thin and hungry. She has since been treated with Frontline and is on antibiotics for infection behind the ear. She is so happy to have food, water and a comfortable place to nurse her puppies.

We are now getting rains for several days and if we had not got them when we did, we are sure they would all be laying in mud.

We are thankful for the support of those who make this type of rescue possible.

Sincerely, Karen and Polly


Jo Tallchief said...

You two are angels! But I've known that for a while now. :) So glad this mama dog and pups are getting the basics - food, water, safety and comfort. (Next on the list is loving home, but I'm sure that will come.) Thank you again and again, Karen and Polly!! :))

Anonymous said...

We are always so grateful for these wonderful rescues.....thank
you Karen and Polly....and of course a big hug to the little girl who has a heart of gold, letting Polly and Karen know of
the mama and her pups.

Anonymous said...

Update: Just heard that mama and babies are doing fine from their foster mom.

She is building trust and not so frightened anymore. Wound on ear is healing well.



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