Friday, August 13, 2010

Louis (formerly Elias)

Louie's been pretty good. I think we need to spend more time with him training him. He still thinks some of the kids toys are his, but for the most part he has been great.

Here are some current pictures of him, he is the first dog I have ever witnessed who can sleep upside down or with his feet in the air. Our old dog Barkely never used the dog bed we had, but Louie loves it.

Thanks again,


Everything is going great with Louie. He is quite the character, very smart dog as he lets you know in different ways when he wants something.

We have had a dog bed that my wife bought for Barkley years ago, he would never lay on it. Louie(Cream Soda) has no problems nestling right in the thing and making a lot of noise before he falls asleep.

We also found, he is extremely fast dog, but loyal as he has not ventured out of our large yard yet.

The only thing that seems odd, is he doesn't seem to like basements, I have a nice office downstairs but he will not walk down the stairs yet.

All in all, he was a great find!

Thanks again!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love Louie's nickname of Cream Soda. Looks like he has found his
forever home with the perfect family. Thanks for this wonderful
rescue and placement!


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