Monday, August 2, 2010

Transport July 17

We are happy to report that our faithful transport team made another successful transport July 17th to the metro. Karen met Tom in Bemidji who took the animals on to Motley to meet Barbara. Barbara took the load to Tricounty and on to the metro rescues.

We are so thankful to have a shelter to help these animals, friends to transport and provide support, as well as rescues for these great animals to go to on their journey.

TINY TIMTiny Tim was a very small puppy- cute as a button- found at the pow-wow grounds and was surrendered by a concerned citizen. He went to RLRR foster care with Dino.

TONYTony was found wandering in Red Lake hungry and was brought to the shelter where he was neutered and vaccinated. He went on to Tricounty and was adopted already.

MAKITATwo of the special riders were Makita who went to foster care at Tricounty and Misty and her little tribe of 6 puppies that went to Minnesota Pitbull rescue.

MISTY AND HER PUPSCarol Priest made the rescue of Misty and her pups and dropped her off at the vet where I picked her up. She suffered malnourishment and dehydration and was trying to nurse her 6 puppies. The owners said she would not eat.

Poor Misty is a darling pitbull --about 9 months old-- and only a bag of bones. She is so timid, she falls to her belly and crawls as you approach her. She has a big heart, and is a great dog

MISTYShe ate and ate when she arrived here. She had a full bowl of puppy kibble and a can of pedigree both morning and night. In 8 days during her stay she gained 4 pounds and her hair got shiny. She produced massive amounts of milk and was so happy to have the food, water, and safe environment for her and her pups!

She was accepted by Laura of Minnesota Pitbull Rescue who will dearly love this girl. Such a sweet spirit.

And I've already received an update on Misty- the little starving mama pitbull that left!! They just love her- as I knew they would. Also- if you remember Lucy (now called Zeebe) the starving pitbull from last November- she may be getting her forever home!@!


Misty is doing well! =)

I had her overnight on Saturday and then brought her to her foster home on Sunday morning. She has a whole room for herself and her puppies. There was a laundry basket in the room with clean towels/blankets and she has made a bed out of the basket. It was super cute!

She is a doll, you are right I LOVE her!! =) She may already have an interested party too, (once the pups are 8 weeks of course). I am sure they will come meet her in the next few weeks.

Talk with you soon and again, thank you so much for contacting us about her. And on a side note, Zeebe/Lucy had her meet and greet last night and all went well so as long as the resident dog and Zeebe get along she will have a forever home!

MN Pit Bull Rescue


mteacup said...

Misty is so freakin adorable! She looks like a sweet heart. Hope she has a good life ahead of her now...

Jo Tallchief said...

That is such good news! Thank you for the update, and thank you faithful transporters!! :)


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