Friday, August 6, 2010

Kenai gets a lift home

An update on Jewlz--our mangy husky mix from last year that Matt was positively in love with!

Susie of ARVSS

KENAI (fka JEWLZ)Someone got a little tired from her walk. D saves the day. Hard to think we've almost had her for a year.!!

She just had a check up at the vet. Doing well and up to 56.8 lbs. She was like 42 some lbs when we 1st got her last year. The vet said she was at a great weight and we should work at keeping her there.

She loves walking everyday with D around our place but really enjoys when we take her around the lake in Fontana, Wi & gets to meet new people and/or dogs. Wants to play with all of them!!! Just ended up getting a little warmer while out on the walk. Thus the lift from D :-)

She is getting braver about trying to go in the water but if the boats are out they make waves and she doesn't really like the waves.

Hope all is going well with you guys and all the animals there.


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