Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July 24 Transport

Another transport went out Saturday, July 24, carrying 16 dogs and puppies to their destinations. Karen met O'Sullivans who drove all the way to St. Cloud to meet Barbara Olson who went on to Black River Falls, Wisconsin, to meet Susie of ARVSS.

Barbara picked up a load of 1,000 lbs of kibble from Act V and Dr. Vickie which was transferred to the O'Sullivans in St. Cloud. This is a great help for food for Red Lake animals in need and for the shelter dogs and cats. It seems lately we are seeing more and more starvation among resident's dogs which is very troubling.

We are developing a feeding program as we identify those with the most critical needs.

BRONWYNBOSLEYBronwyn and Bosley went to Tricounty Humane Society

THREE HUSKY PUPSCole, Regis and 12 puppies went to ARVSS

Cole was found in the Projects with mange and starvation. The people in the neighborhood say he goes house to house looking for food. He is a great dog and so appreciated the food, shelter, and water he got at RLRR. Now he is off to foster care with ARVSS.

REGISRegis was rescued by Janelle and Keith as he was a little starving male that was being attacked by pitbulls. Thankfully he got here before he was killed. He had multiple bite wounds on neck, face, chest and abdomen. He is a lucky dog to be in foster care with ARVSS. He will never go hungry again.

EMILYMore info on Emily. Someone in the community emailed Red Lake Rosie's website and said there was a puppy at the Red Lake garbage dump and lots of bears around there too. Polly answered the call and rescued little Emily. She is a beautiful puppy and went to ARVSS where they dearly love her. She also became a favorite of Mike and Lauren. They pampered her and bathed her when they visited.
Great puppy!!

We appreciate the animal foods, the transporters, and those rescues that are taking the Red Lake animals.

RLRR and Karen

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to your rescue, Janelle & Keith,A.R.V.S.S. & Susie for rescuing Regis (now known by our family as Cole). We adopted him from his foster mom Susie last August 2010 and has since become a big part of the family! We have been so busy together with obedience training and playing on the golf course or at the dog parks that I have not updated much, but he is thriving now and much loved. He has shown us his survival skills, not that he needs them much in Madison WI! Thanks for the important work you do!


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