Friday, August 27, 2010

Shiloh's story

Shiloh came into the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter with a large litter of puppies, completely malnourished, and little fur due to chewing lice. After she nursed her litter plus another litter of pups, she was set free to roam with the pack at the shelter.

SHILOH BEFOREShiloh was shy and did not let humans touch her much. She missed 3 transports to the Twin Cities because she did not want to be caught. Finally, she was rounded up and brought to the Cities, where Pet Haven took her in. She stayed at Auntie Ruth’s as she needed a place where she could be with lots of dogs and have access to outdoors at all times. This made the transition into a home much easier for her.

SHILOH AFTERWe had transported Shiloh and fallen in love with her, so we decided to foster her through Pet Haven until she could find a forever home. That home came from our old friend, Nate. Nate met Shiloh over Memorial Day weekend and fell in love with her, too. His dog, Charley, loved Shiloh at first sight, too.

SHILOH AT WORKSHILOH ON A BREAKTwo weeks later, Nate took Shiloh home to Chicago, where he owns a natural pet food store. Now, Shiloh gets to hang out in the store with Charley while Nate works. She loves to lie in the entrance of the store and greet customers as they come in. She’s adjusting well to life in a big city. (She’s still scared of the train, but that thing is really loud!)

SHILOH AT PLAYWho knew that a semi-feral dog from the Red Lake Reservation would now be living the good life in Chicago running a pet food store? She’s a lucky girl! She loves her sister, Charley, and her new dad, Nate. We recently visited her and wanted to share the fun pictures we took. Thanks Red Lake Rosie’s and Pet Haven for all the great work! This girl deserves the whole world and now she’s getting it!

~Lauren & Mike

SHILOH AT RESTA very beautiful story how a semi-feral can, with love and care, become a very nice adoptable dog.

We have others like Shiloh at the shelter now, like Sadie, Snowbelle, Windbird, that if given the chance that Shiloh had, could also be rehabilitated.

Thank you Mike and Lauren, and Pet Haven for giving Shiloh a chance.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

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Anonymous said...

Another beautiful story.....we are
so thrilled for Shiloh and her
new wonderful life. Thanks to
everyone involved, including Nate
and Charly.


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