Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shepherd sisters, Snowbelle & Sadie

I wanted to blog about 2 dogs Karen has up at the shelter.

SADIESadie and Snowbelle are adorable Shep Mix sisters who have been at the shelter for quite some time now. I met them back in April, when Snowbelle escaped out of the kennel and left Sadie all by herself.

SNOWBELLENow, they live outside - not in kennels - and stick around the shelter because of the food provided to them. Sadie is the darker sister and Snowbelle is the lighter one. They are shy girls and hesitant to human touch. However, if approached slowly, they will allow some petting.

SNOWBELLEWhen I was up at the shelter last week, I took my time and slowly pet both girls, who seemed to enjoy the attention. They are very sweet babies, just unsure about humans. These girls have been roaming around the shelter for too long and need to get into foster homes. Sadie, being a bit smaller than most of the shelter pack, is starting to get picked on. So, a foster home would really help her out!

SADIEI filled up Kongs with frozen dog food and the girls absolutely loved the treat.
If you or your rescue has a foster opening, please consider one of these sweet girls! They would benefit so much from a loving home to show them that humans can be really nice!


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Jo Tallchief said...

Thank you, Lauren! :) I hope these two sweet dogs find homes soon. I have 2 like this that come through my yard every now and then - sweet dogs but very shy and won't let me pet them. I don't know what to do except keep them fed and watered! Thx again! :))


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