Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Puppies at TLC

Hope you're not bored with puppy portraits of the same pups from yesterday sent in from their foster home for TLC :-)

These pups came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and they are so cute. They GRUNT and have PUPPY Breath!

SUZY-QThis is Suzy-Q; she is a little cutie.

BEARThis is Bear; he is the big brother.

ROCKYThis is Rocky; he is a little guy. Looks a lot like our Stella that we lost at 5 or 6 weeks old.

SONNYThis is Sonny; he is pretty close to the same size as Bear.

STARThis is our little Star; she is the feisty little one.

Thank you and Dog Bless
TLC Canine Rescue

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