Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dani & Fernando visit

DANI & FERNANDO AND DOGSIt was great to have Dani and her friend from Argentina, Fernando, visiting Red Lake Rosie's Rescue August 3-4, 2010. They did a lot of work with all the various puppy litters we had including stripping puppy pens and putting fresh cedar chips down, watering and feeding animals, and bathing puppies many of which had mange.

DANI & WOBBLESDani became especially attached to the little orphan puppy, Wobbles, who was found on the highway and only about 3 weeks old. He made the journey to the Twin Cities, but began having seizures and died. We take comfort that he died in loving hands.

FERNANDODani used her expertise in veterinarian care and shared that she starts vet school this fall. Fernando is also off to school this fall and was helpful with all the heavy work. On Wednesday they left early after helping with the morning chores.

PATTONPatton was headed to Tricounty Humane Society.

PEANUTPeanut came in VERY matted and left with a haircut and a nice bath bound for MARS foster care.

BARBIEBarbie, the pomeranian, was also found wandering along the highway and went to MARS.

MITTENSMittens, a darling orange and white juvenile kitten with extra toes, was found at the Ponemah dump and has headed to a RLRR foster home.

Thank you Fernando and Dani for all your hard work and dedication to the animals! Thank you to Tricounty, MARS, and RLRR foster caregivers.


We had a wonderful time helping Karen out and she could not have been more welcoming and hospitable toward us. She even made us dinner with veggies from her garden! YUM! Thanks Karen for all of your hard work! You truly are an amazing woman and someone to look up to.

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Jo Tallchief said...

Well, that is sad about Wobbles, but he did not die alone. He was loved and cared for. Thank you Dani and Fernando for all you've done. Best wishes in school this fall! :) Hope to see you again!


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