Saturday, August 14, 2010


I was viewing Pet Haven's blog when I saw an update on Izzy (aka Izzie)-- a lab that came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Izzy and her mother came here from a place that had collected a large number of dogs off the reservation. This family surrendered over 25 full grown dogs and cats, most were very scared and unsocialized, and Izzy was among them. It is wonderful to see how well she did and the great home she got. Thank you, Pet Haven

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Adopted Dog Update: Izzy

I adopted Izzy the yellow lab from Pet Haven one year ago on 7/11/09. I could see right away how sweet she was and I fell in love with her the very moment that we met.

When I brought her home she was afraid of quite a few things. One of her biggest fears was getting into my van, she would put her brakes on and totally refuse to take a step toward my van door. She had to be lifted into the van each time it was time to go anywhere. With much patience and encouragement she gets in with much ease now. She now goes for rides and sticks her head out the window to see and smell everything.

Izzy is loved by all my friends and family members as she is sweet and so laid back. She seems to think that everyone likes her and wants them to pet her. I think that she is pretty close to being correct!

Izzy has graduated from TCOTC Twin Cities Obedience Training Club level one and will attend level two soon. She did very well and learned so much. She now walks, listens and obeys so much easier. I am very proud of her as she continues to learn and grow.

Thank you for a wonderful dog!

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