Thursday, May 6, 2010

Obedient pups

Updates on two former Red Lake "kids" who came to Animal Ark.

CHOCOLATE PUPS BEFOREAphrodite, now Ruby, is the sister of Hera adopted as a second Red Lake pup for one family. They were from the trio we called the "chocolate pups".

SHEP PUPS BEFORETazer was the last "kid" adopted from the litter that came into my foster after the last clinic!

(Animal Ark foster caregiver)

It is always great to see pet parents taking the time to work on obedience with their dogs-especially with puppies. You'll probably remember the beautiful Aphrodite (now named Ruby) & the very handsome Tazer.

Ruby & Tazer's families have been coming every week for obedience training since they adopted them and they clearly have been doing lots of homework as they both know sit, shake, roll over, stay, down, leave it, etc.

It has been a pleasure working with all the dogs we've adopted out & their new families!!

HERAHere's a recent photo of Hera -- strong family resemblance! She loves laying on shoes!


Anonymous said...

A fantastic 'happy tail'.....thank
you for this wonderful rescue.

care said...

HI I loved the "chocolates"
did all 3 get adopted?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the male was the first to be adopted. We love it when the parents of our "kids" keep us updated -


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