Monday, March 29, 2010

Dog stories beyond the March clinic

FLUFFY SHEP PUPS WENT TO ANIMAL ARKOftentimes, the clinic vets, techs, rescues, and volunteers end up taking animals surrendered at the clinic back with them for continued care, rescue placement or adoption. This clinic was no exception. I thought you'd like to meet a few of those dogs and the stories I got from the people who were there.

Karen: On the last day of the clinic, Polly brought in this little small breed dog that she found on the highway with some larger dogs after it. She saved the little guy and brought him to the clinic.

Volunteer: Igor had damage to one eye and Dr Roni thought the eye had ruptured for whatever reason. No one claimed the dog and no one stepped up to take on the care of this dog, so who do you think he went home with? Dr Roni! Yay!! Thank you for taking on the care for this poor soul!

Dr. Roni did surgery on Monday, removing his right eye, neutering him, removing a dewclaw, and retained deciduous teeth. As of this morning you would never know he had been through all that. He is bouncing around like nothing happened. He is a very sparkly little character!

Karen: I got a call late one night that a dog had strayed into a yard and was having puppies. It was very cold and the next day when I went to get them, all the pups were frozen solid except one -- a little male I named Ashley. I named the juvenile shepherd mom Aiden and took the two to the shelter where they stayed until the clinic. Animal Ark took the little pair with them when they left and Aiden is receiving heartworm treatment.

Volunteer: Aiden is incredibly sweet and happy and wagged her tail anytime anyone came near her during the clinic. She got loose one night at the clinic and you should have seen her beeline right into Karen's lap!

Volunteer: Special Ed's family brought 2 other dogs in and when a volunteer was helping them get the dogs out of the car, the volunteer asked about the pup. The owners said nah, he's too young and the other dogs had just attacked him. They had to talk them into letting him get checked out and neutered. It wasn't until examination that they learned that he had a deformity to his skull.

COCONUT HELMET FOR SPECIAL EDEd had a puncture wound on top of his head and, upon further examination, Dr. Roni discovered he has a soft spot on his head and his skull is separated halfway down his nose. They will be building him a helmet to prevent further injuries--the coconut shell was just a joke :-) Unfortunately he will need to be in a helmet for the rest of his life, but, on the bright side, vet tech Lindsay from Akin Hills Animal Hospital plans to care for him in her own home!


FROM ANIMAL ARK BLOG:So, it seems each trip we make up to Red Lake, we bring back a dog that was injured by being hit by a car. This one seems to be the lucky guy! This young boy was supposedly hit by a truck and was brought in by a 16 year old boy. We originally thought there may be a pelvis fracture or something with his hip . . . couldn't know without x-rays, so we decided we'd bring him back to the shelter and manage his pain in the meantime.

Each day he felt better and seemed to be using his back legs more. When we returned, and were unloading the Neuter Commuter, we found him in the drivers seat waiting for yet another trip? Dr's are thinking he had a deep muscle bruise or bone bruise, but he seems to be recovering well! We'll monitor him over the next few days, but it appears that he will be ready to find a new home once he is neutered and all health concerns are tended to! I call him "My Guy" - but he'll have a real name soon!



pitbull friend said...

Hi Karen! I was smitten with the little black pitbull boy at the clinic. I love pits and black dogs and I love Red Lake dogs, so it's inevitable that this darling little man caught my eye right away. I have had to put down two elderly dogs recently and have another old dog (the 17-year-old malamute mix who has been my foster helper for over a decade) who is doing badly. It seems like time to have someone young & lively around here. He is on hold for me at Ark and will be coming here on a "foster to adopt" when he is medically cleared & neutered.

Dr. Roni named him "Tiny Dancer," but that doesn't work for me. So I'm thinking of him as "Tony Danza" instead, which makes me smile. If he doesn't like my dogs or vice-versa, I'll make sure he's housetrained, polish his manners, and help Ark find the right home for him. --Ellen

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen: So happy you may be adopting Tony Danza!! Boy did he luck out the day he came to the clinic!! His little sister left yesterday to another foster in the metro- It was a little Jck Russell mix. Have a great day!! Karen

Jo Tallchief said...

Oh, that is so funny about the coconut helmet! Makes me think of Gilligan's Island somehow ... :) Eerie about the dogs attacking him. I think they "know" that he's not quite right. I hope he finds a good home. Thank you so much for the updates! :)


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