Thursday, May 20, 2010

Johnny's home

Johnny was a tiny mangy pup when he first came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at the November 2009 clinic. We've received an update from his new home:

Thought I would just check in with you to let you know how Johnny is doing and to send you a few pictures!

Johnny is a very busy boy, he currently attends Doggy Camp once per week and has just started obedience training. He runs every morning for a few miles and most evenings gets another walk.

He goes most places with us and loves spending time with his big sister Maggie the lab and little elderly brother Murray. He also has two boxer cousins about a mile away that we go to visit in which it becomes one big lick fest after their chasing and wrestling matches end.

Johnny rules all leather furniture in our house, including the ottoman/coffee table!! The family room is pretty much his, but as you will see in a couple of the pictures, he shares!

Thank you for choosing us for Johnny; we are so thankful you did!



Anonymous said...

What a beaultiful dog Johnny turned out to be!! Those German sheps are so majestic!

Jo Tallchief said...

Awwww! Thank God for sweaters! There were some serious mange issues there. I also love it when my pets use their brother's or sister's butt for a pillow during naptime. It's so cute and funny. :) Thx for the update, and have a great summer!! :))

Anonymous said...

An absolutely amazing turn-around
for Johnny. How wonderful that he
found such a loving home....thank
you all for this rescue and sweet

mteacup said...

he's beautiful!!!!!!!


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