Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bronson thanks you!

Bronson, our recent amputee, is one happy dog and wants to say thank you to all the kind people who pledged money to help pay his vet bill!

BRONSONAlso, thanks to Animal Ark for their kindness in taking Bronson for his aftercare and adoption. What a great dog he is!

BRONSONWhat started out to be a transport to get Bronson out to fostercare, turned into a transport to get 14 dogs and puppies out to potential forever homes.

TRANSPORT TEAMKaren, Carol, and her daughter brought animals to Bemidji and met the O'Sullivans who went on with the dogs and puppies to Motley where they met DeeDee who took the last leg to the metro area with Bronson trying to snuggle onto her lap.

TOM'S T-SHIRTHere are some pictures of the group. We especially liked Tom O'Sullivan's tee shirt he wore for the occasion.

JANNAJanna was found on the highway in the middle of nowhere. Waldo came from the Bemidji Pound scheduled to be euthanized. Both of them were transported to TriCounty.

BRADY & DUSTYDUSTYBRADYBrady and Dusty were 2 feral pups tamed by Carol and her family and taken by All Dog Rescue.

ARETHAARETHAAretha, a little pit bull lab mix, got a special placement with All Dog Rescue. We found her at the garbage dump in March and really had no place to take her because of her breed. She was a very sweet dog and I'm so glad she is getting a chance.

GARVINGARVINGarvin was a lonely little shep pup who got to go to TLC where we found out he was happy to join 3 other puppies.

FIVE PUPSFIVE PUPSA litter of 5 unwanted pups arrived the night before the transport and thankfully went to Tricounty for adoption.

LACEYLacey was a beautiful juvenile shepherd found as a stray with a tight collar. She had obviously been on a chain all her life. Her fur was all mottled with metal around her neck which is evidence of long-term chaining. We are hoping that will never happen to her again. She also went to Tricounty.

Thanks to everyone who made these rescues possible!



Joan said...

Wow, look at that smile on Bronson's face. So nice to see him looking so much better.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the healing power of dogs!! If a human had a total leg amputation there would be NO way there would be smiles like this on day 3!!


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