Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to Jessica!

Back in September of 2009, Karen received a call about a skinny sick dog with 14 pups that were dying. Jessica and her pups came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and seven pups survived.

JESSICA BEFOREThe pups went to TLC Rescue when they could leave their mom. Jessica went to Secondhand Dog and recovered beautifully.

Here are the pups at the age of seven weeks:We recently received updated photos from TLC Canine Rescue. Didn't they grow up beautifully and change from looking so much alike when they were tiny?!

NINARAVENNOLALEO (who was the runt)ELLIAPOLLOWe are only missing a photo of Koda!


Anonymous said...

Oh those beaultiful German Shephard!! Thank you to TLC and Second hand Dogs for taking so many of the Red Lake sheps and finding them good homes.

Angela from Red Falcon Ranch said...

I was Jessica's foster mom. She went to a great home. Thanks for posting pictures of her pups. They grew up to be as beautiful as their mom!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Angela--We are so happy you fostered Jessica- While at the shelter she loved 3 things food- food and food. :)

mteacup said...

How fun to see! I think Jessie and I transported those pups to TLC in October. They were tiny frightened little things.

Nicole said...

Awww - so glad to see this. I'm Jessica's forever Mom. She is happy here with her brother Sampson also from Red Lake (via Secondhand Dogs) and spend lots of time playing in the yard. With couch and snore time at night. My husband and I and our friend who came over on Mother's Day all wished her a Happy Mother's Day. I'll send in some pics and and update! Thanks again for my two beauties and for all you do:)


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