Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bo/Frankie is ready for a new home at last

Check out the photos from when Bo was originally transported from Red Lake Rosie's and compare them to the handsome boy he is today!

Frankie is a 37-lb pit bull mix who is around 1.5 years old. He was surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue by the people he trusted to care for him a full week after being critically injured by other dogs. His left ear was nearly torn off, his head was ripped open, and his body was covered in bite wounds. He had received no veterinary care during that week and couldn't stand without help. When called, the volunteers at the shelter brought this little guy, who was near death, to a vet where he finally received the care he needed. Several days later, he made his way to All Dog Rescue. Though he had nearly lost his life and was in great pain, he was sweet and loving from the day he arrived in his foster home.

Because Frankie was so young at the time he was attacked, his wounds healed quickly. But, it became obvious he was having problems using his rear legs. X-rays showed severe dysplasia in both hips. On top of everything he had been through, Frankie needed surgery to fix this congenital problem. Surgery was performed on his right hip last November and his left hip has now been fixed, as well. Frankie is breezing through the recovery from his second surgery and will soon be ready to live the carefree and painless life he deserves.

Frankie loves walks, playing fetch, running, playing fetch, trips to the dog park, and playing fetch. He also loves to play fetch. He wants to make every person he meets his best friend. He is currently living with two small dogs and a cat. He ignores the cat, likes the dogs, but prefers dogs that will wrestle! At his young age, he still has a lot of puppy in him and will find ways to entertain himself if bored. So, he's being crated when his foster mom is not home.

Frankie is unbelievably attentive. He seems to know every move his foster mom is going to make before she does. He's been off-leash when out of an urban area and at a dog park. He stays within sight, frequently looks back to check in, and comes when called. He knows the commands "sit", "wait", "come", and is learning "down". He walks best on a leash when wearing a Gentle Leader. He is housetrained and sleeps under the covers at night by his foster mom's feet.

Frankie has a lot of energy and needs a home that will give him daily exercise. In return, he will give his home a lot of love.


Jo Tallchief said...

LOOK AT THAT FACE! Awwwww! What personality! Frankie, I hope you find your forever home soon - and I'm betting you will. Thx for the update! :) P.S. Did you remember to mention that he likes to play fetch? Just checking :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Bo looks so great!! He smelled like rotten meat on arrival atht e shelter.

We love All Dog who has taken and rehomed many Red Lake dogs!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story......wonderful people involved with his life,
from rescue to riches. Thank you
all for your love and kindness.

Jo Tallchief said...

you guys at All Dog are angels. So many of these luvs deserve good lives and good homes. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! :) :)

mteacup said...

It would be interesting to see what the folks in Red Lake would say/feel about the dogs they've surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's. Do any inquire? If they could see them now...

Pamela Hanson said...

Great news!

Frankie will be going to his wonderful new home tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone at RLRR who pulled this little guy from the brink of death and cared for him. You made it possible for Frankie to be a much loved addition to my life and now he will be the same for his new family.


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