Friday, May 28, 2010

Jessica and her bff Sampson

The Mother's Day post for Jessica triggered an update from Jessica's new family which includes another Red Lake shepherd, Sampson:


Just wanted to send some pictures and let you know that Jessica (who thanks you very much for the Mother's Day post about her kids) is happy and healthy here with her brother Sampson (also from Red Lake and Second Hand Dogs).

SAMPSON & JESSICA OUTSIDEWe play most of the day and love to chase squirrels and robins. We've had to back off on her food now as she is rather curvy and muscular now.

JESSICA & MOM & KITTIESShe is such a sweet girl and takes good care of her kitties too.

JESSICA COUCH POTATOShe loves to snuggle on the couch snoring away.

SAMPSON & JESSICA SNOOZINGThanks again for my beauties and for all you do. Hope to make it up some weekend this summer to volunteer.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was Jessica's foster mom and I am SO happy to see how well she is doing. Everytime we drive by Jess's home all the kids shout, "look for Jessica"!! I would not have recognized her. What a transformation.

mteacup said...

They are beautiful together and clearly very happy. Great job!


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