Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clarence is gonna need a new sweater!

Remember darling little Clarence in his special Vikings sweater? Well, as puppies tend to do, he has grown -- a lot -- and is probably still growing! We received an update from his new family:

CLARENCE BEFOREJust wanted to send an update on our wonderful Red Lake puppy, Clarence!

Clarence is doing wonderfully and growing into a beautiful dog. He now lives in St. Paul and has a fenced in yard to run and explore. Clarence has two kitty brothers, Jasper and Mauser, who he loves to chase and play with. He is up to 50 lbs and still growing, we’re always wondering how big he is going to get!

Clarence has a magnetic personality and charms everyone he meets. He loves to go on walks, and will lay down and wait patiently to meet a new dog or kid. Everyone is always so curious about what kind of dog he is.

Thanks so much to those who played a part in Clarence’s rescue. He is truly a one in a million dog, and we are so lucky to have him as part of our family!

A & C~


mteacup said...

OMG He is adorable! Love that boy!

Jo Tallchief said...

I love his whiskers! And I'll bet he's still a Vikes fan, isn't he? Go, Clarence! Thx a bunch for the update! :)

John Adams said...

I am glad he is someones MVP (Most Valuable Puppy)! He looks so good and so happy! I love him!


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