Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jambi has a new name and a new life

I’m Fritz, Fritzy, Mr. Fritz, Fritzel-Schnitzel – you can call me any of those names, like my new mom does.

JAMBI/FRITZ BEFOREI had a rough life before Red Lake Rosie's Rescue saved me. I was starved to half of my normal body weight and had a skin infection. But my worst condition was a severe and untreated bone infection in my shoulder that almost cost me my leg.

I was so sick and absolutely TERRIFIED when I came to RLRR. RLRR put me in touch with my Guardian Angel, Dr. Vicki at Act V. Dr. Vicki helped me get over my infections and saved me from having to have my leg amputated! She and her family were SO nice to me.

FRITZ AND MOMThen, my new mom, Leslie, came into my life and she has helped me in many ways, too. The best part about my forever home is that I have a sister from RLRR – how cool is that! We adore each other and bonded immediately. We cuddle in the sun together, share treats, and run and play all day long.

FRITZ PROTESTING WITH MIKELeslie realized I needed to be socialized with other dogs and humans, so she takes us on walks around the neighborhood and to the local dog park. One or two days a week, we get to go to Doggy Day Care at a great place up the street, which I get all excited about. Everyone tells Leslie they see growth and positive changes in me every time they see me.

I’m not bitter about my past and am grateful for the loving care I received from RLRR and Act V, for I wouldn’t be here otherwise. Keep up your excellent work!

Love and licks, Fritzy


Jo Tallchief said...

It's incredible how they can be literally just skin and bones and still survive and WANT to survive. The ones I've fostered have had food issues in the beginning but once they get used to the idea that food is going to be there every day, they mellow out. And it is incredible how they're willing to forgive and forget and settle down with their new family. Thank you so much for saving Fritz - he's lucky to have found you!! :)

Anonymous said...

This will be one of my favorites....thanks for this wonderful rescue!!!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Lauren's mom who adopted this baby!! We love you.

Denise said...


Fritz looks so happy and the tails of the other dogs bring tears to my eyes. I have Kira the husky is with me at my house now. She's missing a few toes, but is doing well. The pups we took in with the blind eyes are all placed now. I miss them too. Some dogs become clients and it's nice to follow up with them. Thanks for understanding Fritz's needs, he'll always be "Jambi Juice" to me.

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