Friday, May 21, 2010

Plain Jane to Mosaics' Millie

Velvet Bear Mosaics welcomed a new Pet Haven foster dog into their home/studio.Here is what they had to say about Millie.

JANE AT RED LAKE ROSIE'S RESCUE"We picked up Millie from the Red Lake Transport on Sunday. Her original name was Jane but we needed to change it as we have a german shepherd named Jayne. Very shy and unsure we got her into the car and off we went. She rode great in the car. Good girl!

When we got home we introduced her to our dogs one at a time. They all did well. You could see that our dogs were thinking "oh, another dog. Ok when's dinner?" New name for this girl, we came up with Millie.

MILLIEShe was not familiar with stairs so we worked on that first. My daughter Elanor is a pro at getting new dogs used to them, and within the day Millie was up and down, no problems. Millie is 8 months old and 30 lbs and all puppy. We are working on the potty training and she already knows to go in her crate for bedtime.

As her personality unfolds I will post. So far she is sweet and is very curious about all and any activity. We have a vet appointment today and then hopefully a bath."

If you would like more information please email

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Anonymous said...

Miss Millie already got adopted. Yeah for her and her new family.


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