Friday, May 7, 2010

Pups in a log

We got a call that a female dog strayed in a yard and had a litter of puppies, and now the mama dog had porcupine quills and also the pups were getting quills too.

PUPS IN HOLLOWED LOG DENWell- I went and found a hollowed out log and there were 5 puppies, the sweetest little husky sheps! Two of the little ones had some quills in their mouths. The mama dog was no where to be found.

THREE OF THE FIRST FIVE PUPSLast weekend, Dee Dee and I took the van to Red Lake and revisited the hollowed out log. There we saw some little legs-- there were TWO MORE PUPPIES! We were so happy to find them!

TWO OF THE FIRST FIVE PUPSThe family called again that the mama dog showed up but when I got there she had disappeared again :( We will keep looking for her when we go to Red Lake.

THE LAST TWO PUPS FOUNDLuckily the pups are old enough to be without their mom and they are eating and pooping nonstop- They are already getting roly- poly.



mteacup said...

adorable! So glad you guys are there to save so many little ones. Hope you can find momma.


something clever said...

So sweet! I think I may have one of the litter too, my Dad found a young pup (5-6 weeks old) and brought him to me. He's pure white, looks like a Husky Shep too.
I've called him Otis.

Hope you catch the Mumma.


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