Monday, May 24, 2010

Donations needed for dog pierced with arrow

Carol Priest and Polly McMaster found this dog with an arrow through him in the village of Red Lake on Friday (May 21). Carol named him King for his stamina and regal head.

Carol carefully transported King to the Bemidji Veterinarian Hospital and they did surgery to remove the arrow which amazingly did not hit any bone or organs.

Later that afternoon, he was out of surgery and coming around. He will have a drainage tube through the length of the wound for about a week to let any infection come out. That will be secured with a couple of stitches at each end, and can be removed at home or at the vet. They are saving the arrow for us.

By Saturday, King had been moved to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in Karen's care.

Once again, Red Lake Rosie's is in need of donations for emergency medical care. King's bill is $373.00 so far. Any additional money received will help create a special fund for emergency vet bills.

These situations come up regularly and we have no source of funds for that in our budget. Most of our grant money is specifically for neuter/spay and vaccinations.

Thank you all for your coninued support!



Jo Tallchief said...

Oh, dear. Yes, I remember seeing him around the newspaper office. He may have been attracted to our neighborhood by an unspayed female that is owned by a lady named B.S. I think Polly's already talked to her about getting her dog, who is pregnant right now, spayed and giving the puppies to us, and I think this lady has agreed. So, where this big guy came from - who knows. I'll also contribute what I can, Karen. I'd love to take him, but I don't have a fenced yard and I live about 20 feet from Hwy.1. Sadness. Thx for the update.

something clever said...

Oh my GAWD! Some people around here are sick. I don't understand how someone could do that to an animal.
It just makes me weep. I'll donate what I can Karen.

mteacup said...

Thank you Carol and Polly for all you do!

Anonymous said...

I seriously hope that whomever did this to that poor animal gets what is coming to them. And the same goes for the recent post about the young pup beaten to death--so cruel and horrible, I can't even imagine. I cried just reading about the torture--and you see stuff like this daily, it's so unbelievably sad. I will donate what I can.

Jo Tallchief said...

I'd love to be an investigator. This arrow had to have come from some place. Who in Pill Hill is known for having a bow and arrow set? Around here everyone is watching. It's nearly impossible to sneak around in any way, shape or form - so someone has seen something. I hope we can get a reward for this incident, too.


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