Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Transport of 15 dogs & pups on March 15

We are happy to report that we have placed 54 dogs and puppies from March 1 - March 15. I met Susan and Erica of All Dog Rescue and Dino at Tricounty Humane Society in St. Cloud where 15 dogs and puppies were placed.

Dino is fostering 3 puppies, Petey, Pepi, and Coretta who came in with 8 puppies severely malnourished. She also took Geraldo aka Spunky Monkey who came in as a surrender after he had been mauled by a large dog.


Mona and Noreen went to All Dog Rescue. Mona had been at the shelter only 2 days, and may be pregnant. Noreen came in with only one pup- Hugo. She was left for a month in an abandoned house after the family moved out. All pups died except Hugo. Now Hugo is placed, and Noreen is spayed. She has heartworm, anaplasmosis and lymes and All Dog Rescue is going to provide her treatment and find her a good home where she will never be left behind again.

Julianne and her litter of 6 went to a foster home for Tricounty Humane Society. Rhoda came to the shelter with her litter of 2 suviving pups, Ezebun and Makwa (Bear and Racoon). She was homeless and moved into an occupied dog house to have her babies in the cold January weather. Her puppies are placed and she is now spayed. Thankfully, she had lymes but no heartworm!!

Rhoda also went to Tricounty. Precious went to Second Hand Dogs in Claremont, Minnesota.

I know you will enjoy the pictures.

Sincerely, Karen

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