Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More about Heartworm: Chic & Alfie

Special Thanks from RLRR to Pet Haven for taking and treating Red Lake dogs with heartworm!


Heartworms are parasites that are transmitted to dogs via mosquitoes. Giving your dog monthly heartworm preventative during the summer months can protect them from these nasty parasites. In Minnesota, it's generally recommended that you give your dog heartworm preventative from May - November (in warmer climates additional months or even year-round treatment may be recommended).

Depending on the level of infestation, heartworm treatment can be painful and dangerous (not to mention expensive) for dogs who do contract the nasty little buggers. Monthly heartworm preventative is not cheap, but it is inexpensive compared to the cost of treatment and the risk of pain (physical for the dog and emotional for the owner!) if your dog does contract heartworms. To learn more about heartworm in dogs, please click here. And please call your vet to schedule an appointment for a heartworm test & heartworm preventative prescription this spring.
Pet Haven currently has a couple of dogs in foster care who are being treated for heartworm infestation. Both are female shepherd mixes from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (Chic, top, and Alfie, bottom). Both are hoping for donations to cover the cost of their care as well as foster homes to rest in while they finish out their treatment (if interested, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com).

BREAKING NEWS: Alfie has a foster home! Read all about it at Pet Haven's dog blog.

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