Monday, March 9, 2009

How heartworm saved LaDonna

I wanted to share this great story about LaDonna and how she came to us off a chain with heartworm and how she has now a great life thanks to lots of people.
Colleen and I made the rescue when we went and got her off the chain where she lived and took her to the RAVS neuter/spay clinic last summer. There was another male shepherd also chained on the property and we took them both to the clinic.

We felt so bad for these dogs, and wanted desperately to get them off the chains and to find them a new life. It was almost a blessing, when LaDonna was spayed and got her shots, she tested positive for heartworm.

How can having heartworm be a blessing?? Well, in this case, it was her ticket off the chain and on to Red Lake Rosie's shelter after the clinic was over. Colleen successfully negotiated her surrender to us so she could get the medical help she needed. Sadly, they would not surrender the male shepherd, but at least we were able to free LaDonna.

Friends of Flicka donated $2000 of emergency funds to treat all the dogs were were getting that were needed heartworm treatment.

After her treatment, LaDonna was transported on August 23rd to Second Hand Dogs in Claremont, MN where Patti fell in love with her, renamed her Molly and keeps her for her very own.See her picture now with her friends Francis and Sophia! Molly is the one laying on the edge of the couch.

A thank you to all who played a part in her rescue, treatment and placement in a loving home.

This is why we all do what we do!!!
Sincerely, Karen Good and RLRR

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