Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jenny's amazing story

I got an email from Lynn of the RLRR Metro Support Team saying, "Karen you better check the webpage as there is a poor little dog that needs your help!!" So I checked the old webpage and I found out that a little yellow shepherd mix pup was indeed in big trouble.She had been hanging around the New Beginnings Building in Redby for the past 4 days starving and freezing. Thankfully I was able to make contact with an employee there who agreed to take her to Polly's holding pen which saved her life!

She came out to the shelter later that day with T. She had starvation, mange and frostbite. The poor little girl held her head down so low and was so frightened that I might hit her! We moved the her into the cat house with a few other puppies and it wasn't long until she was romping and playing with the others.When Crystal came up for the weekend and saw her a few days later, she knew that she was going to take Bernadine, as I had called her, and foster her. Well, Bernadine is Jenny now. She looks wonderful and even went to the Pet Expo as an RLRR Ambassador dog with Crystal.

It is very amazing that one of the metro committee members was able to alert me that a puppy was in need on the reservation!! Isn't that cool? Thank you Lynn and Crystal for saving Miss Jenny Bernadine!!

Sincerely, Karen :)
Here are some pictures, but they really don't do Jenny justice. She actually smiles and jumps straight up in the air.

The Expo was fun. I cannot believe the response to Jenny. Seriously, people were all over her the entire time! It was crazy. One man was literally trying to stuff money in my pocket. The girl knows how to work a crowd.

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