Monday, March 16, 2009

Morris: Living the good life

Morris was the shelter mascot cat for 2 years and then he got adopted to the best home possible. T loves Morris and he has a great life in Cross Lake, Minnesota. Look at his very handsome picture updates.
Sincerely, KarenHi Karen.
Thought you might enjoy some photos of Morris. He is such a delight !!!!!!!!!! Hope you are well. I'm glad to see the winter winding down now . . . I look forward to Spring each year.

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Jo Tallchief said...

I had wanted to take Morris, too, but Karen needed him to mouse for her in the cabin. I had about 12 foster cats at that point at my house and Morris seemed to need some company, but I'm glad I didn't take him. If I had, he wouldn't have been there when his forever owner came along. Thank you for giving him such a good home! :)


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