Thursday, March 19, 2009

PROGRESS! Red Lake Elementary School Fundraiser and video for RLRR

Check out this wonderful video about RLRR made by Karen's niece Sarah and read about the support RLRR is getting from the young people of Red Lake!!

Dear Friends:

Well, we must be making progress, as I got a very nice call from one of the elementary teachers who said the students at Red Lake elementary School had a contest, a Penny Drive, and raised $652.00 when they recently had a kindness week.

They have chosen Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as their favorite charity and will be presenting a check to us later this week or next.

Anyway--- I often get discouraged and sometimes find myself generalizing that our kids don't care about animals.

I guess there are kids out there that really do care, and that is great news!!

Have a great day- Karen and RLRR


Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is a beautiful video! And what amazing kids!! If you have the opportunity, hug every one of them for me. I can't tell you enough how I love reading your blog. There is so much uplifting hope in it. Thank-you for making my day. And thank-you for all your amazing work.

Ahnung said...

What a great video and a great tribute to Karen! Of course, you know how much I love you Karen :) Now that my Human has allowed me to have my own email account I can start commenting on your blog and communicating with you and my friends.... Thanks for rescuing so many of my friends, and of course, I will forever be grateful to you for rescuing me! Love, ahnung

Anonymous said...

What an incredible tribute to Karen
from two amazing, kind, and generous souls, Sarah and
Mike. Every day we are thankful for all of you and your dedication
to making a difference for the animals. Thank you over and over.

Anonymous said...

Great job Sarah! The music adds so much to the photos. Wonderful that the kids are showing they care.

Jo Tallchief said...

Karen's a one-in-a-million lady. You'll never meet another one like her. :)


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