Friday, March 13, 2009

Yukon and Sydney: Enjoying life together

Hi Karen!

Susan at All Dogs Rescue thought I should touch base with you fine folks at Rosie's. We recently adopted Yukon from All Dogs, and he's just an amazing boy! They were stunned when they found out our other dog, Sydney, came from the reservation as well. I was a little shocked myself!Sydney (named Cinderella when we adopted her) came to us from St. Francis Animal Rescue. We got her back in March 2008. I don't know a lot about her history, but I know she came to St. Francis with two male littermates.Anyway, she and Yukon get along wonderfully - it's almost as if they were meant for each other. They spend hours playing, and both have such high energy that I think I could throw a toy and have them fetch all night. Yukon's quite a talker himself, and lets us know when he thinks we've been gone too long. We each used to have one dog shadowing us, but now we have two!I've attached a couple of pictures, including one of just Sydney. I'm not sure if you'll remember her or not, but she's just a great dog, too.Thanks for all the work you do,

K & J

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